Here are a few thoughts on how the "new outpouring" has affected our meetings, and also some "ministry tips" which I gleaned from other sources and to which I have added my own thoughts.

The Lord is pouring out His Holy Spirit afresh. This is a time of "new wine" being poured out. A danger now, as is Jesus’ time is that we will try to fit the new wine into the old wineskins. We need new wineskins right now and they need to be flexible, empty, and open to receive. The prayer meetings (or revival meetings) need to change so that the structure becomes like a new wineskin to hold the new wine. Initially should focus on two things (1) worship and (2) ministry, with maybe a little teaching (to explain what’s happening).

What we are finding out is that when we worship God with this new sense of expectancy and desire is that He comes with His Manifest Presence "on the people", not just a sense of internal Peace (which is of course there), but an "electricity" in the air, an atmosphere seemingly permeated with His Glory, a thick Presence, a sweet fragrance. It is like the Glory of Heaven descends to earth and when it does darkness leaves and joy comes.

When His Presence "falls" (and it really does) things begin to happen, laughter, joy, crying, weeping, repenting, groaning, dormition, inability to move, unspeakable joy full of glory, healing, deliverance, reconciliation, singing, short but powerful prophecies, visions, words of knowledge, powerful and living readings from scripture, etc. If I were God I would not have made human beings in such a way that they sometimes display these manifestations, but I am not God. He is doing this, not us.

After the ‘anointing" falls on all it seems that great power can flow in the place. We have seen more miracles of healing, deliverance, words of knowledge and changed lives in the last five years than in all the years prior. When this anointing falls it is time for ministry.

We began thinking a couple of years ago that we should be ministering in public, i.e. during the prayer meeting and not necessarily in the prayer room. Jesus often healed in public, and such healings were awesome demonstrations of the Kingdom, and were occasions of great conversions. He did not do a lot of private ministry, except a few raisings from the dead. Most of Jesus activity was out where people could see it.

A major portion of our meetings should involve public ministry to one another, often several different times, as long as the "anointing" is there.

As we worship, people will begin to sense the ‘anointing’ . I would even suggest asking those who sense the ‘anointing’ to come forward for prayer. Often people will not have a visible manifestation, but may have a "tingling" sensation, may feel hot, etc. If they will come forward when asked, I have seen over and over again that the Lord will really do a work in them.

Encourage people to freely receive ministry. It's OK to receive several times of prayer in the same meeting. It's also OK to receive prayer every time we gather. In fact, people seem to receive better and more fully each successive time. The more the "soaking," the deeper the impact. Randy Clark, through whom a big part of this renewal really started went up for prayer six times at the Rodney Howard Brown meeting before he really got "zapped". He was desperate for a touch from God and God gave it to him. His multiple times for prayer simply demonstrated his on desperation for a touch from God.

Leaders must be leaders in getting prayed for. They should be willing to be prayed for themselves. People always respond best when the leaders are also responding. It seems that the leaders are the gatekeepers and what they will allow, the people feel confident to allow. They are going to be challenged by God. If they are afraid of revival, then that same fear will be communicated indirectly to the flock and we all may miss a mighty move of God.

Keep the "environment" light and easy. This is not a season for heavy ministry, great deliverance, or deep inner healing. It seems the Holy Spirit is emphasizing joy and release from heaviness.

Many times people who linger around the longest and get multiple times of prayer generally get the most. Meeting and prayer times seem to move from low anointing to higher as time goes on. We need to structure the meetings so people can leave if they need to, but so ministry can go on longer if it needs to. We should just announce that if people want to leave they can, but if God is still working let Him.

Generally, it is helpful to have people stand to receive ministry. People seem to be a bit more open. This seems to allow the Holy Spirit more freedom to move. Be sure to put someone behind the person receiving ministry to catch them.

We need to let God manifest however He wants. If He manifests via laughter we need to encourage that, if by falling or shaking, then that, if by quiet, then that.

In the Church, the Holy Spirit came first on Mary and the apostles who were simply gathered in prayer, hungry for God and waiting. The structure came the structure. That is why revival is so unsettling. We want the Holy Spirit to fit the old structures. Our structures must be submissive to the Holy Spirit and not vice versa.

When we minister to people, prayers should be short. When people fall in the Spirit keep praying for them for just a little while and then let God do His thing, without your help. It seems that everyone wants to get up way too quickly. God continues to do work even when we are down on the floor. Sometimes it will be noticeable and other times it might be quiet and inward. Allowing people to get up too quickly seems to work against what the Lord wants to do.

Revival will happen in your life only if you are desperate, and hungry for God. You cannot be satisfied with what you have of God. You must "press in", and go for more. There must be more, must be our cry.

Come humble and hungry. Forget preconceived ideas and what has happened to others.

Experience it before trying to analyze it. It is something like worshipping God which has no rational explanation. Others have likened it to kissing which is more emotional than analytical.

Face your fears.

The fear of deception

The fear of being hurt again or not receiving at all

The fear of losing control. (This can often be seen when people try to step backward rather than fall.)

Focus on the Lord, not on falling. Give the Holy Spirit permission to do with you what He wants to do.

These are a few of the things we have been thinking about, and are willing to be wrong about them, but in this time of newness we need to observe what God is doing and try to learn from it. That is how solid teachings can be developed.


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